Tetris Philosophy

Sometimes life is a race, you can choose to stop in the middle of the race (at your own risk), or you can choose to start of finish it


I found this quote when I was undergraduate, and I took it in almost every step of my life. But lately I was feeling hopeless because I haven’t found my thesis topic. I just want to give up. Until one day I decided to play tetris. You know that old game you used to play when you are 5. From this game, I found several philosophy and I call it tetris philosophy. So here we go:

  1. Problems will always come at you, but if you try to solve it one by one, in the end it will disappear. When you loose, you can always choose retry, it’s not like you’re dead dead .
  2. Don’t be cocky, even when you think the problem is simple. When you act as you wish, it only attract more trouble. There are rules need to be follow.
  3. It takes time destroy all the blocks. You can’t expect it to happen quickly. Sometimes, you need to wait the good block to come out and that’s OK. You just need to do thing correctly until it show up and “puff” all your problem disappear.
  4. It’s OK if you mess up. You can always find a way to solve it in the future. So don’t give up yet.
  5. And remember there’s a time limit, try to solve all your problem in the given time.

When you think like that, insya Allah you feel much calmer. Also beside endeavor you also need to pray and believe. Endeavor -> Pray -> Believe

When you finish a game, you will have sense of accomplishment, and that’s what you get by finishing your homework. PS. Thanks to my lecturer, I have found the topic and the theory, so wish me luck dear good people in the internet.

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