Guilty Pleasure

I admit I have guilty pleasure, and it stand in a way for me to face reality. I’ve spend hours and hours playing Instagram, or watching YouTube or movies just to get rid of boredom. Until I no longer feel as a human being. I feel trap in endless scrolling and endless streaming. I don’t remember the last time I’m alone without playing my phone. I feel the need to bring my phone everywhere I go. Feed up from people stories, forced jokes, and so called picture perfect. It useless to fed the unsatisfied demon they said.

Those abundant images and videos, never actually come handy in real life. They just as good as distraction. As millennial generations, we’ve exposed by the convenient of internet. Just the touch of a hand, we can surf the net. We try not to left behind, to stay update all the time, and try to know who have seen and liked our picture. It’s a creepy world indeed, and we want to feel satisfied just by looking through some picture or some videos. Little did we know, we interact less and less with people around us. Hours and hours goes by without us noticing.

I’m not saying social media is all creepy, they have their own merits. Together a nation can come together helping disaster victims, people can share their inspiring work and be acknowledge, and information can spread easily. Social media also helping us to realize that kindness is not dead. And sometimes, social media is a good place to remind us who we are, 5 years ago. But, currently I feel overwhelming by social media. Because I play with it a lot. When using social media without any wisdom, we are imprisoned by illusions.

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