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  • Hari Berangin

  • Write

    I think the best activity to do when you’re in doubt is to write it. You need to reconnect to your deep personal self. Removing all your doubt.

  • Resilient

    The answer, I’m guessing, is probably the best and most sustaining answer to nearly every question arising inside a marriage, no matter who you are or what the issue is: You find ways to adapt. If you’re in it forever, there’s really no choice. Michelle Obama, 2018

  • Lie


    You can never lie to yourself, it only hurt you more.

  • Jadi kita saling bertanya, saling menyukai hal yang sama, lalu apakah kita akan saling bertukar pikiran nanti?

  • Parting


    Parting is like we staring at clouds in the middle of the night, and it slowly floating away. No hesitation, only the coldness of the wind.

  • Bulan

    Lalu ketika sekelompok awan kelabu mengintervensi bulan, menyelimuti cahayanya, bukan berarti ia berhenti bersinar.

  • Decision Making

    Life is filled with decisions, and decisions (as general rule) arouse dissonance. The rub is that making a decisions cuts off the possibility that you can enjoy the advantages of the unchosen alternatif. It also ensures that you must accept the negative elements of the choise you make. (Perloff, Richard M, 2010:239)

  • Alive

    When the last time you feel alive? for me, when I take that leap of faith. Whenever and wherever I am, if I have the courage, and start go in the direction that I aim for, I am happy.

  • Stranger

    Funny how we can easily feel so close and having a nice conversation to a stranger and never meet again.

  • We used to share dreams, now we share memories and I can live with that.

  • Waktu itu lucu, mempermainkan kita sampai tiba saatnya kita bertemu.

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